Day 51 - Blackroc

The amazing thing about the Wu is the breath of their appeal. There are a non-trivial number of suburban kids who are huge fans....in some of the same ways as Dave Chapelle and the Roots cross over in their appeal. As in the cases above, another key feature of their appeal is that they (Wu, Roots, Dave, et al) are generally admired by other creative people. For instance, listen to Dave on inside the Actors Studio - it is pretty amazing...

With respects to the Wu, and RZA in particular, the number of musicians that are in awe of his talent is pretty substantial. When he isn't dropping beats on the Afro Samurai animated series, he is pairing up with some heavyweights in music to do amazing things. Consider for instance, Blackroc, a collaboration with the Black Keys. I think one of the best parts of this colabo is to listen to Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney talk about meeting RZA on Fresh Air (which as a complete aside, I cannot tell you how awesome listening to Terry Gross is). Listen especially around 36:02 - "I couldn't even speak to him, I was so nervous".

I have to say that Wu-Tang week was a blast - Any suggestions of future theme weeks or things you would like to see would be great -

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