Day 39 - Me and Mrs. Nose

So a number of people have asked me to send photos of what my nose looks like, and rather than post a pic, I have decided to draw a flattering self portrait of my nose. Generally, I am against drawing self-portraits, unless I am using facial expressions for styling cues to add emotion to the face of an animal drawing, but I thought this compromise would satisfy the collective masses.

As an aside, somehow I totally imagine slow dancing,with my nose, listening to this (replace me and Mrs. Jones with me and my nose). Maybe a little candlelight, a bottle of champagne...

Me and my nose
we got some sniffing going on...
we both know it was wrong,
but breathing is much too strong to let it go now...

The same nostril, I sniffed everyday
10-20% air flow...no one knows she was that way
sniffing plants, making all kinds rants,
while bilateral breathing slipped away

Me and my, my nose my nose my nose....
me and my nose

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