Gallery Opening

I'm showing some painting inspired by Cajal - here is one of the images. This is part of an exhibit "Antiquated & Future (or Imaginary) Technology Pathways" running at the Irma Freeman Center between April 2 and May 15 and is part of the GA/GI Festival opening April 2, 2010.



Urethane automotive paintings

I played with urethane a while back on some panels, trying to recreate the Geiger style. Clear coating these panels creates the translucency of auto body paint, and as soon as I can find a nice fume hood, i think integrating this with some steel work is going to open up some exciting new possibilities.

Simple lines

These were just large scribbles, but I find something really powerful in these simple lines. The economy of form that comes from such simple lines has me thinking about simplicity going forward.

Unintentionally theological?

A number of people have commented on the religious overtones of these two pieces - I'm not sure I see it in the blue face, but it appears that unintended perceptions are par for the course when playing with abstraction.

Explorations in color and form

Black and Gold

Having lived in Pittsburgh for nearly 7 years now, It has become clear that the "Black and Gold" have found their way into my work.... at least in terms of color.


These reflect the style that I am really into. I began painting like this in the mid 1990s, and while the style seems to have remained invariant, the themes have changed.

Angels -

Just before heading off to college, I got interested in airbrush art - much of this work was inspired by Japanese illustrator Hajimi Sorayama. Here are some of those exercises.

Harris Grill

On a gray day in Pittsburgh, a view outside through glass windows on the second floor reminded me a Hopper image. I like the bleached realism of his work, and this abstracts some of those sensibilities.



Urban Tree Forge Torso

I have recently been working with the people at the Urban Tree Forge in Pittsburgh to use reclaimed city wood as the material for various sculptures.

This is my first attempt at carving - having never picked up a pneumatic tool or chisel I was fortunate to find a piece of wood whose form lent itself rather well to interpretation:

Even the untouched piece structures nicely in the form of a torso
Some preliminary sketches have helped define where things could go:

Although the initial design seemed to be driven toward realism (in large part because of my bias), removing the bark and getting into the form itself revealed a pretty interesting series of shapes that were slightly more abstract:

This has me thinking about some really interesting possibilities - some 3D renderings soon