Day 32 - Sprout

From tragedy and heartbreak, something extraordinary emerges!

As a complete aside - essentially unrelated but what the hell - I was thinking about the Jack Johnson-esque (but perhaps more appropriate for the emergence of a fighter, think this Jack Johnson) - surf films like September sessions or Thicker than Water (which is totally worth watching even if you aren't into surfing - visually awesome and the music is sick!) - and the Tom Campbell film Sprout .

Basically, this rambling was the semantic leap that my brain takes when I think about the verb "to sprout" in the context of this drawing, and then somehow end up in the noun "Sprout" that takes me into Surf films of the early 2000s which has nothing to do really with this picture.

Posit "To what extent is the way in which we break up our representations of the world (semantics - but other category systems) a way of fostering creativity by allowing us to jump from one representation to another.

Returning from this tangent, I should say that this drawing goes out to 110Crew!


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