Day 25 - Dog

As those who know me can attest, I am a huge fan of dogs - more so than the average dog love - but not to the extent of calling a dog my kid, or dressing the dog up on some outfit. I should also note that with rare exception, a dog is only a dog when it is big! And while my foray into the world of canine ownership was brief, I will venture there again. Ending this little tangent on my love of dogs, the feeling is mutual - 9 out of 10 dogs basically think I am awesome.

I really like this drawing because it captures why I think dogs are basically amazing - they have such an emotive quality, and such a willingness for affection that it is rare, even among humans.

Finally, this was passed along to me - and it seems fitting for the post - if for no other reason than because it illustrates the genuineness of a dog's emotions (and the suspicion with which I look at all cats) and the extent to which they are basically amped about everything

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Lalantika said...

I request a drawing of Pelo. All rights reserved by me (solely me). Love the blog PK!!!!