Day 18 - Comic book nostalgia

If you were a comic book fan boy in the early 1990s, you probably recognized Jim Lee's work, first on the Uncanny X-Men, then on the revamped version of the X-Men , and when he left Marvel to found Image where he launched WildCats. His style is really distinct, and he influenced a number of artists - I was a big fan of his work, as well as some of the other Image artists, and this quick doodle brought back some memories of that early stylistic influence.

As an aside, I think an under-appreciated part of the visual change in the way comics looked back in the 1990s was the work of Steve Oliff and Olypotics, the guys that introduced color separation and computer coloring to the medium. I think the visual quality of the first titles out of Image, specifically Spawn, Cyberforce, and Wildcats was just something stunning and so different from the work at Marvel and DC....

I will now stop my fanboy geeking out...

Tools: iPad, Sketchbook Pro, finger!

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