Art a day

One of my laments has always been that I am not being as creative as I would like - or more specifically, that I do not draw as much as I would like to. In an attempt to remedy that, I have made a mini resolution to do a drawing a day this year and post the images to my blog. Partly inspired by Chris Ayers' "Daily Zoo", my goal is to just draw something - anything daily.

In my city, the sun is a rare visitor, and my thought is that painting/drawing something everyday will somehow ward off those rain cloud blues. In that spirit, my hope is that some, if not most of the drawings are colorful and mildly luminous!

Fell free to forward this blog to your friends, or send me suggestions of things you would like to see, or let me know if you want an image to use because you just have to link to my website, of if you just want to let me know that a drawing was especially hilarious or awesome.

Sometimes the drawing will stand on its own, other times there may be a bit of commentary. Some of the drawings will be done digitally (on an iPad with my finger and Sketchbook Pro or using a stylus and Photoshop) and others will be hand drawn/painted and scanned or photographed.

Some of these drawings will be from my head, some will be sketches of more finished pieces I am doing, and on occasion, when things really hairy, I might throw in a filler sketch or a finished painting. Some of the drawings will be my interpretations of other artists or styles, and when that is the case, as much as possible, I will try to link to the original for context.

Some of the drawings will be good, other will suck.

Regardless, this should be a total blast. Best wishes in 2011 and hopefully you will enjoy a day or two in this journey of art a day!


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